Introductory Robotics / Pre-Engineering, Using LEGO® WeDo and Mindstorms

Engineering & Technology

Committee Members - James DeSantis, Susan Thompson.

Product Design and Engineering is an upper level course of study that stresses the application of the design and engineering processes. The course will be delivered through the use of teacher created lessons, design and the engineering of robots to complete specific tasks.

Product Design and Engineering is structured as a full year, 1 credit course. It is designed to be taught in a materials processing laboratory-based learning environment along with a computer CAD lab. Students will be involved primarily with “hands-on/minds-on” learning experience activities, comprising approximately 90% of the course curriculum delivery. The remaining curriculum will be delivered through traditional methods including selected textbook readings, teacher guided lectures and discussions, worksheets, student-generated technology reports, video-based and computer-based presentations.

Upon completion of this course, students should be knowledgeable concerning the operation of materials processing equipment, the design process, engineering and construction techniques and robotics programming. They will understand the importance of the design process and construction process in any industry. Students will be able to discuss where these processes are used in the workforce. For example, at the end of the unit on design, each student will be able to discuss how the design process is used in industry, the importance of rapid prototyping and product testing in the design process.

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