Explain to students that just about everything we do in a given day can be classified into one of four categories. The four categories are below:

Screen Time: Time spent playing video games, watching TV and using the internet for non-school purposes. Screen time should be limited.

Active Time: Time spent playing (including recess and gym class), exercising, walking and doing household chores. High-energy activities fit into this category. Aim for at least 30-60 minutes a day.

School Time: Time spent in classes or doing homework.

Down Time: Time spent reading, relaxing, sleeping and doing low-energy activities. According to the National Sleep Foundation, children ages 5-12 usually need 10-11 of sleep per night.

To help get the students used to the above-mentioned terms, do the following activity. The narratives are designed to give students examples of a normal child’s day and help them classify each of their activities into one of the four categories.

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