Students should understand the definition of attribute. Give students a chance to describe an attribute in their own words or by giving an example. Define an attribute as a quality, trait or characteristic of something or someone.  Examples of attributes include: smart, funny, kind, creative.  Attributes are adjectives that can be used to describe someone or something.


Students should understand that everyone has different attributes.  People look different from each other, are good at different things and like different things. It should be emphasized that everyone is different in many ways.


Go around the room and have the students name one positive attribute about them.  This will model behavior for the “Things to like about myself” activity.



Students should also understand the definition of personal hygiene. As above, give students a chance to describe personal hygiene in their own words or by giving an example. Define personal hygiene as the ways you keep your body clean and healthy.

Examples of personal hygiene practices include: brushing your teeth, and washing your hands.


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