See what the students know about media. Ask if anyone can define the term media.  Do any of the students know what different forms of media are? Can they name another source besides television? Generate enough ideas and come to the following definition:


Media = any device that is intended to communicate a message to an audience. 


Here are the words of the definition broken down:

            -Device = mechanism, method

            -Communicate = to express, deliver

            -Audience = group of people or a person to which your message is directed


In other words, media is any method used to deliver a message to a group of people.  We may be receiving messages without even knowing it.  There are many different forms of media that surround us:

-Print media (newspaper, magazines, posters, billboards)

            -The internet (also sometimes considered print media)




There are many forms of media and even more messages. Each message has a purpose. The 3 purposes include:

1.      Entertainment = just for fun

2.      Educational = to teach something or inform you of something

3.      Advertisement = an attempt to get you to buy or do something. This is the most persuasive type of media.


Glossary of terms from this lesson:

·         Media = any device intended to communicate a message to an audience

·         Device = method, mechanism

·         Intended = with a goal of

·         Communicate = express, deliver

·         Audience = group of people your message is directed toward

·         Purpose = goal

·         Entertainment = just for fun

·         Educational = to teach you something or inform you of something

·         Advertisement (also called marketing) = when a company tries to get you to buy or do something

·         Persuade = to convince someone of something you want them to believe or do


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