In this section, you are to use the information provided to expand the concept of Plate Tectonics by visiting websites, digital libraries and talking to others on Skype. In order to show how you expanded your knowledge as a portfolio entry, select of the choices below based on they way you best learn.

1) Take your list of terms that you gathered during the last section and narrow it down by finding out what the terms mean and then deciding which terms have to do with a location that you will begin to study in more detail. For example, you may have decided that you would like to study an eruption in Hawaii. In this case, you would begin to find the terms that are most relevant to this location and discard those that are irrelevant. Using this information, create a storyboard or outline of your project based on your choice in the PreAssessment (documentary, story, website, student-choice).

2) Student choice- If you have your own idea about how to expand your understanding and create an outline for your project, present the idea to your teacher for approval.

In addition to your portfolio entry, create a blog post in Curriki reflecting on how you expanded the information and on the science. What resources did you find the most helpful? How did you decide on your location? How is your understanding of plate tectonics changing?

Portfolio Entry Options provided here in Word for modification based on student need.

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