In this section, you are to use the information provided to get familiar with the concept of Plate Tectonics by watching videos, listening to podcasts and taking virtual tours of the Earth. In order to organize this information as a portfolio entry, select of the choices below based on they way you best learn.

1) Generate a list of terms and locations that you want to investigate in the next part of the unit. Put these terms and locations in groups based on similar traits.

2) Revise the concept map or graphic that you created in our PreAssessment. Move and add to the terms as you gather more background information.

3) Student choice- If you have your own idea about organizing this preliminary information, present your idea to your teacher for approval.

In addition to your portfolio entry, create a blog post in Curriki reflecting on how you gathered information and on the science. What techniques did you use? Did you find anything unexpected? How is your understanding of plate tectonics changing?

Each portfolio entry will be graded using this rubric.

Each blog entry will be graded using this rubric.

Portfolio Entry Options available here in Word for modification based on student needs.

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