Learning Experience 5: Graph Nutritional Data



For each group of three students:

3 Student Activity Sheets for Learning Experience 5 (Please see PDF)

For the class:

Popcorn bags


A mini-lesson on the creation of a scatter plot and stem-and-leaf plots may be necessary before completing this learning experience.

Evaluation Strategy:

Students will create a stem and leaf plot and scatterplot, read and analyze nutritional data, and answer questions based on that data.



positive correlation

negative correlation

no correlation

stem-and-leaf plot






Objective: Students will record the nutritional data of various brands of snack foods and create scatterplots and stem-and-leaf plots with the data.

Students are to look at the nutritional data on the popcorn in the kit and other brands of snack food labels provided. Students are to create a stem and leaf plot and scatterplot of some specific aspects of the nutritional data.

On the Student Activity Sheet for Learning Experience 4, students are recording the number of fat grams/cup and number of calories/cup. Then students create a scatterplot with that data.

Then students find the fat grams/cup, carbohydrate grams/cup, and protein grams/cup and create a stem and leaf plot for each piece of data. Students then answer questions about the results.

For the accompanying Popcorn Math Student Activity Book, please refer to the PDF found here. (Please see PDF)

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