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English 10B Poetry Terms Quiz

Please write the correct poetry term on the line for each problem.

1. All writing that is not poetry is called ____________________. This type of writing is done in sentences and paragraphs.

2. The way a poem is laid out on a page is called its ___________________________.

3. The rhythm of a poem is called ______________________.

4. The use of similar sounding words (usually at the end of lines) is called ___________________.

5. A “paragraph” of a poem is called a _______________________.

6. A free verse poem is written without ____________________ and ____________________.

7. ___________________ ___________________ is used when the literal meaning of a writer’s words do not match what he or she actually means.

8. A _____________________ happens when a writer compares two unlike objects.

9. A ______________________ is a type of comparison (like number 8) that uses “like” or “as.”

10. When a writer uses ______________________, he/she is creating pictures in the reader’s mind by including descriptive writing that appeals to the five senses.

11. _____________________ is the device that gives human qualities to something non-human (an inanimate object or an animal).

12. The use of repeated consonant sounds at the beginnings of words is _________________________.

13. The use of repeated vowel sounds in the middles of words is _________________________.

14. Consonance happens when the writer repeats _______________________ ___________________ in the middle or at the end of words. (2 word answer)

15. __________________________ is the type of word that sounds like what it means. (1 bonus point if you can spell it correctly)
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