Photoreceptor Worksheet

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Please fill in the space with the correct term.

1. Cells in the eye that respond to light are called ____________________.

2. ____________ and _____________ are 2 types of photoreceptors.

3. Rods are most sensitive to changes in _______________ and ______________,

___________ and ______________________. Rods are not good for ____________ vision.

4. Cones are most sensitive to ____________________. And they only work in bright ________.

5. One part of the retina does NOT contain any photoreceptors. This is our _______ _______.

Using all the words you've listed above, create a mind map. Use the word PHOTORECEPTORS as the center terms. Remember that a mind map must have a lot illustrations. Review your mind map directions if that would be helpful. This mind map must be included in your learning journal/portfolio. Use a separate piece of paper, lots of colors and your best labeling skills. Good luck.

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