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There is also an FAQ page, and sample resources from week 1 of the LMC course.

Project Summary:

Collaborating faculty will first peek into LMC's StatPath course as it is taught by Tue Rust. We will then discuss major themes and entry points involved with bringing StatPath  to one's campus. Subsequent discussions will be tailored toward individual colleges' needs with 1-2 "sharing-out" meetings.

Faculty team members will be selected from interested faculty at colleges participating in the Bay Area, San Diego and Los Angeles regional Knowledge Exchanges for Developmental Math. Contact your college representative on the Faculty Colleagues team to become a member of the Knowledge Exchange and then indicate your interest and ideas in the fields below.

Participating Colleges:

LMC is currently teaching a fourth cohort of the course

An intensive (6 credit hr) experimental 1-semester remedial course that serves as a precursor to college-level Statistics. The course is designed to incorporate the mathematical knowledge required for a transfer level Statistics course, typically incorporated within developmental math courses. 

CCSF is submitting an experimental course outline

Berkeley City College is developing a course outline

West Valley, Cabrillo,  San Diego Mesa, Evergreen, Chabot and DVC colleges have expressed interest 

Guidelines for Implementing Acceleration:

Katie Hern and Myra Snell are also helping colleges accelerated their English/Math curriculum. The following link concisely summarizes the steps for implementing acceleration. We will be using these guidelines in our effort to help bring StatPath to colleges.

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