1. Students complete Do Now
  2. Teacher distributes note cards and exit slips
  3. Discuss student responses to Do Now. Hit especially: Title of unit, 5th theme of social studies is Culture, new classroom jobs
  4. Teacher says: Today begins a new unit on what people believe (about life, about death, about God)
    1. The significance: Helps us build a better tomorrow because trust can come from from common origins / desires
    2. Today, we will talk about how all cultures' beliefs come from the same basic places
    3. We'll be looking at problems and solving them all year. Misunderstanding people’s beliefs is a HUGE part of the problems we see
  5. Reminder about behavioral expectations

Introduction of New Material:

  1. Write Essential Question on the board: Beyond food and material possessions, what do we need to be happy?
  2. Students answer question on Classwork handout (Part I)
  3. In whole class discussion, students share answers. Teacher writes responses on board.
  4. As a group, complete picture analysis on classwork worksheet. (Part II)
  5. Do pre-reading for the text on classwork handout (Part III)
  6. Shared reading of classwork handout (Part IV)

Guided Practice:

  1. Do post-reading questions (Part V)
  2. Begin chart together (Part VI)

Independent Practice:

  1. Chart completion


  1. Word wall
  2. Vocab card completion (Picture and practice as part of homework)
  3. Exit slip: What is a myth? What is a folktale? Beyond food and material possessions, what do we need to be happy?
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