Directions: Read the following letter silently to yourself. When you are finished, answer the questions below in neat, complete, and thoughtful sentences. Go Above and Beyond if you finish early.

Dear Class of 2013,

Welcome back, seventh graders! I hope you had a restful break and are ready to being our SEARCH FOR EMPOWERMENT. Remember, we never simply study the past. We study history to solve problems, to find empowering memories, and to build a better tomorrow.

So where should we start? So many of the world's problems (in Iraq, in Israel, in the United States) arise because people have different beliefs about the world and about God. We are going to begin seventh grade history with a unit on BELIEF SYSTEMS. We will study major religions around the world and see what many have in common.

As we start this unit, we will be adding our fifth and final theme - CULTURE. Culture means, basically, "what people do and what people believe." A good classroom has a strong, positive culture. In a good classroom, what do students do? In a good classroom, what do students believe?

Student Jobs: Each day this week, you will learn about one of our classroom jobs. On Friday you will have the chance to apply for one of these jobs. We will have two RETURN CAPTAINS. Their job is to return graded papers during the Do Now. Be thinking about what would make a good return captain.

  1. What is the title of our first unit?
2. What does that title mean?
3. Describe our fifth theme:
4. What are a few aspects of your culture?
5. Copy each vocabulary word onto the note cards at your desk:

Myth Folktale Religion

Above & Beyond: Besides food & material possessions, what do we need to be happy?

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