This is a powerpoint I created to use to teach 4th graders about the western state of Oregon. It has population, size, surrounding states, state symbols, etc., but also has some interesting facts and places to visit. The fifth slide says that they will need to watch a video clip. The video clip is called, "The Oregon Trail", and can be downloaded from united streaming. After watching the video and powerpoint, we then played a game with a big game board. I asked questions about Oregon, and correct answers moved students forward. However, there were certain spots on the board where they had to pick a card. The cards moved them forward or back a certain number of spaces. The cards had similar sayings as the old Oregon Trail game we all played on the Apple Computer back in the 80's, like, "Your wagon loses a wheel - go back 3 spaces". It was a great way to learn about the state, and the students had fun!

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