This lesson includes a brief introduction to Nicolaus Copernicus. It primarily focuses on his contributions to astronomy and why society believed his theories were incorrect. Because Copernicus was the first astronomer to really solidify a hypothesis about the heliocentric solar system, his contributions are considered the starting point of the Scientific Revolution.

This lesson introduces students to Nicolaus Copernicus and his proposed heliocentric view of the solar system. It also discusses with students the main reason Copernicus' model wasn't readily accepted, the absence of parallax shift for distant stars.
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This assessment asks students to compare the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system and reflect on why Copernicus' model was hard to accept.
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This folder contains images and simulations relating to the "Nicolaus Copernicus -- Proposing a Heliocentric Solar System." Additionally, licensing and source information about each image and simulation can be found in the "Description" section of each.
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