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National Board has created a new website to show how NBCTs lead from the classroom.

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Board-certified teachers, known as NBCTs, are leading both in and outside of the classroom. A recent survey of NBCTs showed that 54 percent have served or are currently working as team leaders, 36 percent as department chairs and 15 percent as staff developers or instructional coaches. Forty-three percent of NBCTs have led efforts to implement the Common Core State Standards in their schools, districts and states, while the same percentage have been involved in leading the implementation of teacher evaluation systems through peer review or observation. More than three out of four NBCTs have led professional development efforts in their schools. In higher education, 234 NBCTs are serving as full-time faculty and 2,251 have served or are serving as adjunct faculty. On the state level, 116 are serving on a board of education.You can read the full press release at 
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