1. Created by: Allison Williams, Santiago Canyon College
2. Type of activity: lecture, individual

3. Course level: Basic (Essential) Math

4. Topic: Percents

5. Materials: A worksheet detailing the assignments and tests up to this point in the semester.

6. Time required: 15 minutes

7. Description: You have a couple options in how to prepare them for this:
  • One way is to tell them to hang on to all their papers at the start of the semester and remind them of this every time you hand something back. This will help re-enforce the idea that they should hang on to their papers. If you do this method, be ready with a completed grade sheet to inform them of the items they are missing.
  • A second way is to get them to log on to Blackboard (or some other grading online system) and have them to record it off of there. This will give some of them exposure to how to check their grades online.
  • It is a good idea to give them the worksheet the class period before they are doing the activity and have them fill in all the graded items in order to save class time.
8. Implementation notes (follow up/discussion questions, pedagogical recommendations, etc.): see attached

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