English 10B
Multigenre Project: Autobiography/Biography Independent Reading
Due Date: May 2 (50 points total)

Pick Your Book Due Date: April 14
Check with Mrs. Lorntson to make sure that your book is acceptable.
1. The book must be an actual biography, autobiography, or memoir. It may not be fictional. Check with me or Mrs. Buresh in the media center if you’re unsure about this.
2. I must approve the book that you have chosen to read.
3. If I feel that the subject matter is a bit mature or controversial, I may ask you to get permission from a parent/guardian.

After reading your autobiography/biography, choose five of the following possible components for your multigenre project. At least three must be from the “writing focus” group. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you are unsure of what to do! You will briefly present all or part of your project to the class on or around the due date. Do you have an idea that’s not on this sheet? Tell me what it is; I’ll probably love it.

Writing Focus: Aesthetic/Creative Focus:
-news article -time capsule
-poem -storyboard/comic strip (six frames)
-original song -video interview/reenactment
-interview -promotional brochure
-journal/diary entry -advertisement
-advice column -live/recorded song
-monologue/dialogue -recorded interview
-letter -poster/collage

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