A collection of lesson plans, animations, videos and exercises about the moon phases.

Phases of the Moon

by Alicia Feddor
This is a 5E-style, active-learning lesson developed to help students better understand the relationship between Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Students are required to physically model how the phases of the Moon are created. Extensions include developing an understanding of eclipses. Although many curricula include phases of the Moon at the elementary level, many students still maintain many pre- and misconceptions about this topic. It is very worthwhile to revisit this topic at a higher level.
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Phases of the Moon

by schoolphysics website
An animation to show the phases of the Moon.
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Moon Phases (SMART-created)

by SMART Technologies SMART Technologies ULC
Learn the names of the phases of the moon and match the phase to the position of its orbit.

To download Notebook interactive viewer visit www.education.smarttech.com/nbiv

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This activity is part of the Athabasca University Astronomy 230: Northern Lights, Northern Skies course. In this activity, you will diagram the phases of the moon and answers some questions about the moon and its effect on Earth.
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This lesson provides students with information regarding how the moon and Earth affect each other. The lesson covers tides, phases of the moon, and eclipses.
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Lab Report: Moon Observation

by ALTEC The University of Kansas
The students individually observe the moon (phases) for about one month. They write down dates, times, how much of the moon was visible, and any other comments they have about their observations. From there, they have to write up what patterns they observed and research why these patterns occur. They also must have a visual to go along with their observations. The idea is to get them to discover that there are phases of the moon, why there are phases, and how long a revolution takes.

You can find the RubiStar rubric for this project at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?screen=ShowRubric&module=Rubistar&rubric_id=90622

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Moon: Lunar Observations

by Kellie Demmler
Students will use the Moon activity in Sugar to make lunar observations and record their observations in their journal.
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