Week 2 Video Lectures

Where are we in the course?
What is a one-sided limit?
Wild Functions
Could a One-Sided Limit Not Exist?
What does "continuous" mean?
What is the intermediate value theorem?
Mirko and Roxy Like Food
How can I approximate root two?
Why is there an x so that f(x)=x?
What does limf(x)=infty mean?
Four More Example of Limits
What is the limit f(x) as x approaches infinity?
Four Examples of Limits at Infinity
What are Asymptotes?
Why is infinity not a number?
What is the difference between potential and actual infinity?
What is the slope of a staircase?
How fast does water drip from a faucet?
What is the official definition of limit?
Why is the limit of x2 as x approaches 2 equal to 4?
Why is the limit of

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