This lesson provides the scaffolding for you to conduct a simulation of the United States House of Representatives with your class! They will draft and advocate for legislation, work in committees, and carry out duties of legislative officers, and consider and vote on legislation. Through this experience they will gain a better understanding of how the House of Representatives functions and better appreciate the challenges faced by legislators.
Lesson plan PDF includes all handouts:
Handout A: House Bill Writing Directions
Handout B: House Bill Sample 1
Handout C: House Bill Sample 2
Handout D: Model Congress Grading Overview
Handout E: Bill Writing Rubric
Handout F: House Folder
Handout G: Two Party Folders
Handout H: Four Committee Folders
Handout I: Bill Introduction—Speaker and Clerk Briefing
Handout J: Assignment of Bills to Committees—Information for the Speaker of the House
Handout K: Committee Procedures
Handout L: Witness Form
Handout M: Amendment Form
Handout N: Committee Tally Sheet
Handout O: House Session Procedures
Handout P: Caucus Procedures
Handout Q: Caucus Position
Handout R: House Tally Sheet
Handout S: Veto
Handout T: Override Procedure Introductory Essay Principles, Virtues, and Glossary
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