MisCositas.com is a free web resource that offers teachers a variety of materials for teaching languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Thai and ESL. Available on the site are:

  • downloadable thematic curriculum units complete lesson plans, student worksheets and resources
  • downloadable materials collections with activities, manipulatives and mini-posters
  • a YouTube channel - MisCositasTV - with videos for use in teaching a variety of languages
  • a WIKI space for teachers to share ideas and materials
  • over 40 virtual illustrated picturebooks organized thematically in Spanish, French and English
  • a list of vetted links for language teaching and authentic realia tied to the stories and thematic units
This site was originally created by a teacher for other teachers to use in a classroom or computer lab. However, people from all over the world have written in about how they use the site in a variety of settings. Parents have used MisCositas.com for home schooling and for enrichment. Administrators have used the site in after-school clubs and staff development sessions. And anyone interested in learning a language can use the site to enhance their studies.

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