This lesson focuses on the importance of microbiology and its relation to the students. To emphasize this importance, students will grow bacterial cultures after swabbing themselves and objects in their environment. Students should have a basic understanding of basic biology principles. The complete lesson takes two days to complete with at least a 48 hour gap in between classes. It is suggested that the lesson start on a Friday and then completed the following Monday. This lesson refers to the second day.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to accurately explain how bacteria affect the human body.

Students will be able to efficiently use basic personal hygiene practices to protect themselves from pathogenic bacteria.

Guiding Question:

What are bacteria?

What is the importance of personal hygiene?

How do bacteria affect me?

What can I do to protect myself from pathogenic bacteria?


Bacteria Growth Agar Plates (from lab day) Computer and Projector


YouTube Videos ("Say 'Hi' to Hygiene" and "Hygiene Training")


Students should collect their BHI plates and analyze the bacterial growths individually and as a class for 10 minutes. Students SHOULD NOT open the BHI plates. The instructor will then begin a discussion on the basics and prevalence of bacteria (referencing the "On", "Around", and "Air" agar plates), highlight some common bacterial species and how they affect the body, and some common hygiene techniques that can protect students from infection (referencing the "Hand Washing" agar plates). The instructor may show the two YouTube videos when discussing hygiene practices. Students will then be given a worksheet to complete for homework.



Students will be assessed through lab participation and the on the completion and accuracy of a worksheet.

Benchmark or Standards:

SC.6.L.14.6: Compare and contrast types of infectious agents that may infect the human body, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites

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