www.OneHen.org is a microfinance website for kids, with fun games and a virtual market, as well as lesson plans for teachers and librarians. The website is based on a children's book about a real boy in Africa who gets a loan to buy a hen, which over time turns into a thriving business - all because of a small loan to buy one brown hen. On the website kids can read the story, and read and see pictures and videos of real microentrepreneurs around the world in countries like Ghana, Brazil, Mexico and even immigrants in the U.S., and play games such as memory. Kids can donate "beads" won from the games to actual microentrepreneurs in developing countries through the virtual market, and as kids contribute they will see virtual businesses grow before their eyes. It's a beautifully designed website that aims to inspire good in kids while providing entertainment, and has great materials for teachers to teach their kids about topics ranging from world geography to community service to African culture to math to economics to business to global citizenship.

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