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I greatly prefer the elegant, simple, easy to learn and teach International System of Units (meter, kilogram, et cetera) to the klutzy, complicated, hard to learn and teach United States Common System of units (foot, slug, et cetera). – Laran Stardrake

As our tiny contribution to metric enlightenment, we are writing Metric Backpack, tools & toys to help learners learn, and teachers teach, the International System of units, commonly called the metric system in the USA. We hope you find this information interesting, useful, et cetera. We will appreciate it greatly if you inform us of any mistakes.

Collection Contents

Metric Backpack 01

by Bob and George

Here is the first unit of Metric Backpack, posted as a Microsoft Word file so that you can download it, edit it, use it in ways that are appropriate to the spirit of Curriki. More than 100 pages of Metric Backpack reside in various states of disorganization on our hard drive, and an ever-growing stack of handwritten pages wait to be entered. We are rewriting the whole shebang as Metric Backpack 01, Metric Backpack 02, Metric Backpack 03, et cetera, et cetera.
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