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English 10B Memoir Peer Review

Writer: What do you need help with on your memoir (list 2-3 specific things).

As you read, write Good by those sections of the story that you particularly like.
Mark with ? the portions of the story that confuse you.
Write Reword by sections that don’t confuse you but are still poorly written.
Write Reorder by sections that you think are out of place and should be moved.
Write Frag, RO, or Awk by fragments, run-ons, and awkward sentences.
Write sp by spelling errors.

Once you have finished reading, answer the following questions.

Basic Requirements:
12-point Times New Roman font? YES NO
Double spaced? YES NO
3-5 pages long? YES NO
Dialogue included? YES NO

1. Does the memoir begin in an interesting place (action, dialogue, etc.)? Does it hook the reader from the very first sentence? YES NO

2. Is the piece written as a series of vignettes (snapshots) of the author at several points in his/her life? YES NO

3. Does the writer make the scenes “come alive” and capture the feeling of the moment? (Hint: The writer should not leave holes where he/she does not remember details.)

4. Does the memoir give a good picture of who the author WAS?

5. Does the memoir give a good picture of who the author IS NOW?
6. Does the memoir give a good picture of who the author MIGHT BECOME?

7. When you have finished reading, is the “So What,” or point of the memoir clear to you, the reader? YES NO
If so, rewrite the “So What” in your own words below:

List 2-3 things that the author does well in this memoir.

List 2-3 suggestions for improvement.

Now meet with the author. Make sure you have addressed the areas of need that the writer listed on the first page of this sheet. Make sure you discuss why you may have circled “no” on any of the questions. If you are unsure about how to help the writer, please see Mrs. Lorntson.

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