English 10B Memoir Assignment

The purpose of a memoir is to show the reader one important aspect of your life. This cannot be about a single event in your life. Instead, you should show the reader, through a series of vignettes, who you WERE, who you ARE NOW, and who you MIGHT BECOME. The vignettes should all relate to a theme or lesson that applies to your life.
You will not remember every detail or conversation exactly as it happened. As a memoirist, you are allowed to recreate the scene as best as you can remember, filling in the smaller details. Try to capture the feeling of that moment. Don’t worry about having everything historically correct.
If you are writing about something that you did often, show me one scene that captures what that was like. For example, if you went to your grandma’s house once a month when you were young, write about one such time, including important details from several actual visits.

1. Three pages, minimum, five pages max. I will not grade any pages beyond five.
2. Final draft must be typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced.
3. Include some dialogue.
4. Begin your story in an interesting place and hook your reader in the first sentence. I recommend beginning with action, a vivid description, or dialogue.
5. By the end of the story, the message, or “So What” should be clear to the reader. The reader should know why you wrote this piece and what he/she is supposed to learn from it.

Total Points: 100
50 for Ideas/Organization
15 for Voice
15 for Word Choice
10 for Sentence Fluency
10 for Conventions
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