1. Dan is going to the store. He is buying 3 pounds of grapes. They cost $2 per pound. What will be the total cost?

2. Julia has three brothers. Each brother can eat 5 pancakes for breakfast. How many pancakes do they eat in all?

3. Gas costs $3 per gallon. Our car needs 9 gallons of gas. How much will it cost?

4. There are 5 people in the Gomez family. Each person wants to eat 3 pieces of pizza. How many pieces of pizza is that in all?

5. Spiders have 8 legs. There are 5 spiders on the sidewalk. How many legs is that in all?

BONUS - Lisa read 12 books last summer. Two were 150 pages. Two were 90 pages. Eight were 100 pages. How many pages did she read in all?

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