1. Created by: Paul Young, San Diego City College
2. Type of activity: hands on activity

3. Course level: Beginning Algebra

4. Topic: Linear Modeling

5. Materials: 1 tape measure (metric compatible) per group

6. Time required: 20+ minutes

7. Description: The main purpose of this lab is to explore the proportionality of forearm length and height. The students will record their heights and forearm lengths, first plotting on a table. Each group will plot their 12 points on the given graph paper, and then draw a "best-fit-line". Each group will be asked to give the linear equation--in both slope-intercept form as well as standard form.

8. Implementation notes (follow up/discussion questions, pedagogical recommendations, etc.): As the last question on the student write-up, each group will be asked to measure the length of the instructor's forearm. Using this information, they will have to come up with a height. Make sure each group measures your arm, as oppose to one student making the measurement for the whole class.

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The attached archive file contains two documents, (1) an outline of the lab and (2) the student worksheet.

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