CONGRATULATIONS! You have just been selected to go on an all inclusive, 7 night, 8 day vacation! However, there is a little bit of a catch. For this project you will be forming a group of 3 people. Together, you will plan this vacation, using information you find on the Internet. One person will be the treasurer who will be in charge of all of the finances. The group will have a budget of $5,000 to cover the airfare and hotel costs. This member will be in charge of researching and finding a reasonable hotel, as well as airfare for the trip. A requirement for this project is to stay within your budget! Another group member will be in charge of the geographical aspect of your vacation. A requirement for this project is that your destination must be located in South America. This person's job is to research south American countries and pick one that is both reasonable in price and somewhere the group collectively would like to visit. A requirement for this project is to travel to somewhere in South America. Finally, the third group member will be in charge of the historical aspect of the trip. It is required that during your stay, your group visits at least three historical sites, This group member will research the place you are going and what they have to offer their tourists. Your activities must have some historical background to be acceptable.

Group Size: Small groups

Learning Objectives:

The end result of this project should be a planned vacation to South America. Your group will present an itinerary stating what historical sites you visited during your trip. Also, you must be able to justify where all of your money went using your airfare and hotel prices (spending money is not included in your budget). You will present a poster board presentation to your class using pictures from you "vacation" and tell us how it went.

Guiding Question:

How will you plan this vacation?


Internet access, posterboard, travel information, group of 3


First, you will be assigned a group of three students. From there, the group members will choose their roles. One member will choose to be the geographical planner. One member will choose the be the financial planner. One member will choose to be the historical planner. First, the geographical planner must choose where the group is going using the chart on the following website: Once a country has been chosen for the trip, it is the financial planner's job to research airfare and hotel prices. The object of this person's job is to find the most reasonable prices for this part of the trip. (Remember $5,000 is for all three members!) Two sites that would be good for this part of the project are: AND After the financial part of the trip has been booked, the historical planner needs to research the activities the group will be taking part in. The historical planner will come up with three activities that the group can do that has some historical background to it. The best way to find these activities is to research the country and it's tourist attractions. Once the vacation has been booked and planned out, the group is to create a poster board presentation showing their trip. This poster must include: 1.) Pictures of where you stayed, the country itself, and the attractions you visited. 2.) The price of you airfare and hotel (per person). 3.) An literary of activities and plans that took place during your trip. 4.) A list of things you would do differently if you were planning this vacation in real life.



Cooperative Working Skills

Performance of Individual Task

Individual Paper Presentation



Students work together throughout the project without a problem. They are able to give each other constructive criticism and use their different thoughts to create a well rounded project. Student excels in following each direction carefully in order to complete their task of financial planner, geographical planner, and historical planner. Student completes their one page paper including what they did for their own part of the project and how they assisted their group members. Poster board and presentation clearly depict what is asked from the students. The board contains all pictures, prices, and itinerary. Different fonts and colors are used that catches the audiences eye.


Students work well as a group and use each other's strong points to create the vacation. Student completes their given job to the best of their ability and shows what is expected from them in their finished product. Students completes their paper focusing on what they solely did for the project. Organized and well put together presentation.Poster board is colorful and easy to understand.


Every person in the group's ideas are heard and taken into consideration. Student understands what is asked of them and completes most of their tasks. Student completes their paper stating what the other members did NOT do, instead of what they did. Overall, presentation is correct put the poster board is not put together as asked. (Ex: missing a picture, price, or itinerary)


Students complete their task independently with little help from their group members. Student completes the bare minimum of their task with much help from their group members. Student write a paragraph about what they did for the project. Group work is not evident during the presentation. Unorganized poster board and missing certain details.

0 Each student completes their portion of the project and puts it together before the presentation. Student allows their group to complete their portion of the project with little or no help. Students fails to complete the individual paper part of this project. Presentation incomplete.


Answer Key or Rubric:

After completing this assignment, you will have formed the ability to plan your own vacation! You will have gained some knowledge about the country you have chosen including it's history and some things about their tourist attractions. After using, you will be more familiar with planning a trip using airfare. You will also be more aware of prices and how to get a better deal on both airfare and hotel prices. If you are interested, you can go on to plan a vacation to somewhere else that you have come across during this process that you found interesting for extra credit!

Benchmark or Standards:

PA.SCI.3.6.12.C.1 >--- Apply knowledge of construction technology by designing, planning and applying all the necessary resources to successfully solve a construction problem. PA.FACS.11.2.6.D > Identify the concepts and principles used in planning space for activities.

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