This lesson is made up of a couple of grids for students to complete to help them understand how to convert from fractions to decimals and percents.

Lasting Ideas & Results:
Finding patterns when working with numbers.

Essential Question(s):
(1) What patterns can I learn about fractions, percents, and decimals that will facilitate understanding?

(2) How do you convert from a fraction to a decimal and from a fraction to a percent?

(3) What patterns can be detected?

Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to…Students will know…
(1) Convert fractions to decimals.(1) The relationship between fractions and decimals, and fractions and percents
(2) Convert fractions to percents. 

Download the Converting Fractions to Decimals to Percents Worksheet and distribute to students for completion as classwork or homework.
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