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Athabasca University ESL, Unit 11: How and Why?

Lesson 81: PURPOSE & USE

Here are some ways to show why you did something, why something exists, or what its use is.



We put on lots of clothes to keep warm.
You have to study hard to be a doctor.

NOTICE: We also use in order to the same way.

so that CLAUSE

We put on lots of clothes so that we wouldn't get cold.
I put it by the door so that I wouldn't forget it.
I took a taxi so that I'd arrive early.

because CLAUSE with want

I put it by the door because I didn't want to forget it.
I took a taxi because I wanted to arrive early.

NOTICE: We can give the purpose at the beginning of the sentence if we want to.

For example:
To be a doctor, you have to study hard.
Because I wanted to arrive early, I took a taxi.


With for

The seats by the door are for the use of old people.
A pen is for writing with.
What did you do that for?
A barometer is a thing for measuring air pressure.

NOTICE: If there is a verb after for, it is the -ing form.

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