Up to 32 students

Multiple 45- 60 minute sessions


Every community has an environmental issue that need to be addressed. The "winning" group of greens from lesson six need to come up with a viable local topic though if guidance is needed offer it up.

What's Happening in NYC?

Currently in impoverished neighborhoods in Brooklyn topics of the economy, the environment, food supply and a healthy living have overlapped and spawned communities to seriously invest in their local gardens. Students may want to start a community garden to help the community in needed fresh food and also hold discussions with the community on the ideas that they have picked up on in their Earth Systems Science Class.

Many gardens in urban areas allow for youth volunteers and participation during supervised regular hours.


Other Suggestions:

Recycling Initiatives

Re-forestation Programs

Green Building Campaigns

Environmental Action Goals:

Allowing for students to decide their own goals in their project gives more ownership to the project, usually participation increases with this investment. Some students may need guidance in stating their goals for the group. Have the group vote on each goal. Suggested goals:

To Pick a local Issue that Benefits the Community as a Whole

To do no damage to the Earth

To educate the greater community on the importance of sustainability and other topics of the class.


Students need to agree to commit to a time and frequency of project participation, I suggest one weekend day a month to their mission for the rest of the school year/semester. Parental permission may need to be addressed, parental participation is also encouraged.

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