Up to 32 students

Two - Three 45 - 60 minute sessions


The idea of environmentalism is not a 21st century ideal but one that has rung through the ages from the spawn of modern religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam to Buddism, Aboriginal and Native American beliefs. Protection of the Earth is possible when one believes in it. Lovelock discusses the power and plasticity of a child's mind and that our future sustainability is in the base of this local.

Lovelock discusses his own views of population and death control, enviromental facism and the green movement.

Learning Objectives:

1. Morals are different between people and populations and one population's solution may not work for everyone in the world.


Chapter 8, The Revenge of Gaia

Information Sheets on Light Greens, Dark Greens and Bright Greens.


Internet Connection

Activity 1: What's Your Shade of Green?

After discussing the points that Lovelock brings up break the class into four groups:

Light Green, Dark Green, Bright Green and a panel of Judges

The panel of judges need to briefly research all green parties, all green parties need to research their party and their stand on an issue of their choice for a class project and defend it for the judges. The presentation may be written, oral, powerpoint, aposter, dance or video.

The judges will decide who makes the strongest point. The group that "wins" will have free choice in the topic of a localenvironmental action project to take on (guidance may be given if students are unable to determine a viable action idea).

Conclusion and Wrap Up:

Have students add to their LINK

New York Scope and Sequence

Living Environment Science Standards

Key Idea 7.1a - 7.1e, 7.1a - 7.2d

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