Different words go with different types of noun. Sometimes we use the same word with plural nouns and mass nouns (1 below), and sometimes we use different words (2 below).

Unit nouns



[S] I want an apple.
[P] I want some apples.

[S] I don't want an apple.
[P] I don't want any apples.

[S] It's an apple.
[P] They're apples

[S] A good apple is expensive.
[P] Good apples are expensive.


[S] This apple...
[P] These apples...

[S] That apple...
[P] Those apples...

[P] How many apples have you got?

[P] I don't have many apples.

[P] They only have a few apples.

Mass nouns


I want some fruit.

I don't want any fruit.

It's fruit.

Good fruit is expensive.


This fruit...

That fruit...

How much fruit have you got?

I don't have much fruit.

They only have a little fruit.

NOTICE: Mass nouns use singular verbs and the singular pronoun. For example, we say:

Where is the money? NOT Where are the money

It is in the bank. NOT They are in the bank

The news is good. NOT The news are good

NOTICE: There is a list of important mass nouns in Lesson 47.

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