Materials: pens, pencils, paper, markers, glue, construction paper, drawing paper

Objectives (based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study):

  • The student will demonstrate increasing insight and reflection to print and non-print texts through personal expression.
  • The student will demonstrate the ability to read a variety of increasingly complex print and non-print expressive texts appropriate to grade level.
  • The student will make connections between self, other texts and related topics.
  • The student will apply the standard conventions of grammar and language usage.

1. Review the previous lesson about theme in Transcendental literature.

2. Ask students to brainstorm other themes that are prevalent in media.

3. Divide students into groups and ask them to list ideas that relate to one particular theme. What does this theme make you think about? What other texts address this theme? What events in your life address this theme?

4. Next, distribute newspapers or magazines or allow students to go online to a publication of your choice. Discuss how these publications are divided into different genres: news, editorial, sports, opinion, puzzles, etc. Discuss other genres that may be found in media.

5. Explain that students are going to create their own multi-genre projects revolving around a literary theme of their choice. Prior to assigning this project, determine how much time you want to spend allowing students to work. Create guidelines that are specific to your class needs. Examples of other multi-genre projects are below. For increased difficulty, you could relate this project directly to the Transcendental Theme lesson, asking students to create a multi-genre work specifically on a theme they identified in that lesson.

6. Students should choose a theme, such as love, hate, war, peace, etc. and then choose several genres in which to address that theme. Those could include:

  • Newspaper article
  • Obituary
  • Editorial
  • Poem
  • Advertisement
  • Song
  • Drawing
They will create their multi-genre project according to specifications you set for your class needs and abilities.


The multi-genre project should be a significant grade. Each element should be graded for correct format, relevancy, style and effort.

Additional Multi-Genre Resources:

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"Using Snowflake Bentley as a Framing Text for Multi-Genre Writing." 2009. National Council of Teachers of English and International Reading Association. 7 Aug. 2009.

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