Up to 32 students
Two 45-60 minute sessions

Chapter 7, pages 128 - 134


For those born before 1980, we can recall a time before Mtv, Diet Coke, the internet and more. For many adults the items we use in our everyday life is true science fiction. Ideas born out of strange debates and meeting amongst scientists and engineers. Many ideas for averting the Earth's shift in climate are not far from being called science fiction.

Some ideas call for a big umbrella or mirror between Earth and the Sun, bounce the incoming radiation away to offset the incoming radiation and subsequent heating of the atmosphere. Some scientists say that we need to pump the pases into the ground and capture to carbon dioxide before it is even emitted.

The idea of synthesizing food has also arisen (Can one say, Soylent Green) in order offset the damaging affects to the Earth having to supply enough food for eight billion humans, let alone the other of the world's inhabitants.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Become aware of some radical ideas that science is coming up with to solve our future dilemmas should we continue along this path.


Soylent Green (optional)

Chapter 7, Revenge of Gaia


Information Packets on Latest Science Ideas to offset the above stated issues

Activity 1: What's the Plan?

Have the students break up into pairs and come up with a plan in response to the following or something similar. Students will present their plan at the end of the class in a 2 minute statement to the world.

Let's say we do nothing, change nothing and continue along our existence as we are now: What are some ideas you can come up with that will save the world from eminent doom?

Address: Carbon, Energy, Food and Population

Discuss some of the ideas presented as a class.

Activity 2: Soylent Green (optional)

Have students watch all or portions of Soylent Green

Discuss as a class.

Conclusion and Wrap Up:

Have students add to LINK.

Have students write up some of their thoughts on the chapter and Soylent Green for homework in place of quiz/exam.

New York Scope and Sequence:

Living Environment Science Standards

Key Ideas 7.1a -

  • 7.1e, 7.2a - 7.2d
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