Copies of "The Crucible, Act IV," recent newspaper articles or clips from television news, pens, pencils and paper.

Objectives (based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study):

  • Students will inform an audience by using a variety of media to:
    • locate facts and details for purposeful elaboration
    • organize information to create a structure for purpose, audience and context
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to read a variety of increasingly complex texts by:
    • providing textual evidence to support understanding of and reader's response to text
    • demonstrating comprehension of main idea and supporting details
    • making connections between works, self and related topics

1. Review the previous lesson.

2. Assign students parts for Act IV.

3. Read Act IV as a class.

4. When the class has finished reading Act IV, reflect upon how information about the real Salem Witch Trials would have been spread in 1692 when there was no CNN, email or text messaging. Then, consider how the same information would be spread today. Discuss how recent current events have been reported.

5. Demonstrate news articles or clips from television news about a current event, particularly a court case or another legal issue. Discuss the format of that report. What elements were most important?

6. Divide students into groups and ask them to create a modern news report about the events in "The Crucible." This can be as simple or as complex as time allows. You could ask each group to create a news article, a script for a television news story, a series of emails from a reporter to an editor, text messages between reporters, or any other form of communication you can brainstorm. This will scaffold to the final project for "The Crucible."

7. Ask students to present to class.


Students can be monitored for participation during class reading; the news story can be graded for participation, comprehension and completion.

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