From Fractions to Decimals
Step 1: Reviewing Fractions and Decimals

Before learning how to go from fractions to decimals,

Review what decimals are and what they mean.

Review what fractions are and what they mean.

Step 2: From Fractions to Decimals Smaller
Than 1
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Sam and Martha were playing a board game where you have to guess a secret word. Sam scored 24/30 (he guessed 24 out of 30 questions) and Martha scored 21/25. Who scored higher?

Converting fractions into decimals can make it easier to compare these scores.

Follow these instructions and try this exploration to learn how to convert fractions into decimals smaller than 1.

Step 3: From Fractions to Decimals Greater
Than 1
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You can use what you learned in Step 2 to convert fractions, such as 7/5 or 3 1/4 into decimals.

Follow these instructions and try this exploration to find out how!

Step 4: e-Notebook

Marilyn, Paul, and Monica are studying for a math exam but they disagree on the decimal representations of 3/8 and 30/80.

Read what they say. With whom do you agree?

Your teacher may ask you to work on this assignment in class, or it may be a part of your homework.

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