Lesson 2.09 - Module 2 Test
Please make sure you have read all the material for this Module. There is quite a bit of information covered in this module. Take time to study and review for this exam. Print out all of the text material and your assignments. The Content of the Test : The Module tests that you will take in this class will consist of Multiple- choice, True, False, Matching, and Essay Questions. The Module Tests you take in this class will mimic the format of the Final Examination. Questions are weighted. Expect the test questions to be various levels of difficulty. There is only one correct answer so read the questions carefully. Study all the documents, assignments, readings, and printable notes prior to taking the test. The test is worth 200 points! You will have 45 minutes to complete the test. Good Luck!
Assignment 2.09 - End of Module 2
Be sure to complete your activity log in lesson 2.09 once you finish the test.
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