Copies of "The Crucible, Act I," access to the Internet, pens, pencils and paper.


  • Students will reflect and respond expressively to texts so that the audience will:
    • discover multiple perspectives.
    • consider cultural or historical significance.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to read, listen to and view a variety of increasingly complex expressive text by:
    • selecting, monitoring and modifying as necessary reading strategies appropriate to readers' purpose.
    • demonstrating comprehension of main idea and supporting details
    • making connections between world, self and related topics.



1. Host a brief game of "telephone" to illustrate the ease at which messages can be altered and incorrect information can be spread. Whisper a phrase to one student and ask that student to whisper to the person beside him or her and so on. When the final person says the phrase aloud, it should be drastically different from the original phrase. Have a brief discussion about the implications of spreading bad information or gossip.

2. Assign parts from "The Crucible" to students in your classroom. It is helpful to write the roles and the students' names on a board in front of the classroom for reference.

3. Ask students to read Act I aloud, monitoring for participation and comprehension. Students may complete study and character guides while reading, if necessary to maintain focus.

4. When the students have finished reading Act I, ask them to go online and research other "witch hunts" in history. You could brainstorm as a class and then send the students to research. Some examples might be:

  • The McCarthy Hearings
  • The response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s
  • The Holocaust
Ask students to report to the class about these "witch hunts," and to explore the consequences of the behavior.


Students can be graded on participation during the reading and for completion of the witch hunt research portion.

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