This lesson is designed to be an introduction for middle school students about PowerPoint presentations. This lesson is designed to give students a broad overview about PowerPoint presentations and their purpose.

Time Allotment: 45 minutes (1 class period)

Group Size: Whole class

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will be introduced to PowerPoint presentations.
  2. Students will learn how PowerPoint presentations are used.
  3. Students will learn how PowerPoint presentations are created and presented.
Guiding Questions:

What is a PowerPoint? What is a PowerPoint's purpose?


This really depends on the teacher's abilities and technology capabilities. This lesson could be solely a lecture based on the PowerPoint presentation attached to this lesson or a teacher could use overheads to present this lesson too.

A KWL for each student (can be found in teacher's resource section)

PowerPoint presentation (can be found in teacher's resource section)


  • Print and/or view the PowerPoint for Lesson #1 found in the Teacher's Resource section
  • Read the notes attached to each slide
  • Tell students that this lesson is designed to give them a broad overview of what a PowerPoint presentation entails and their purpose.
  • Walk students through the PowerPoint presentation
  • Give students a copy of the KWL chart (when called for in the teacher's notes of the PowerPoint presentation) and have them complete it (this can be found attached to this lesson and/or in the teacher resource section). I would collect these so you can read them and informally assess your students.
  • Have students complete the Share 1, Take 1 Activity
  • Follow-up the next day by having students fill in the section in their KWL of what they learned. This could be an entry task or bell ringer activity. It shouldn't require very much time.

You begin this lesson by asking two informal questions this should give you an idea about which students are familiar with PowerPoint and which students' aren't. You can collect their KWL charts to informally assess as well. I would collect their notes to see which students followed along and completed the task. I would also collect their Share 1, Take 1 activity to informally assess. For a formal assessment, I would give students the mini quiz (find in teacher's resources) on the next day as well as have them complete their KWL charts.

Answer Key or Rubric:

In the attached file below titled Lesson1QuizAnswers you'll find the answers to the quiz that is attached.

Attached Files:




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