Prealgebra aligned to CCSS-M Standards

Curriki Project Based Geometry

The Art of Triangles

Cluster - MA.8.CCSS.Math.Content.8.SP Statistics and Probability

Selling Geometry

Lesson: Performing Rotations

Prerequisite Knowledge: Students must have prior knowledge the coordinate plane. They must have knowledge regarding right angles.

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to identify a rotation. Students will be able to visualize a rotation about the coordinate plane. Students will be able to perform regular polygon rotations of 90, 180 and 270 degrees on a coordinate plane.

Key Ideas: Rotations of (x,y) about the origin

Rotation of 90 (-y,x)

Rotation of 180(-x,-y)

Rotation of 270 (y, -x)

Motivational Problem: Have each student take two pieces of patty paper. On both of the pieces, have the students draw an x and y axis in dark marker. On one piece of patty paper, have students draw a regular polygon in the first quadrant. In their notebooks ask them to sketch the polygon as they rotate the figure 90°, 180° and 270°.

This can be modeled by teacher using a transparency on the overhead.

Important Questions: What is a center of rotation? Explain why rotating 90 degrees clockwise is the same thing as rotating 270 counter clockwise.

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