This lesson introduces students to PowerPoint vocabulary during a hands-on lab. Students will explore essential functions of PowerPoint in order to familiarize their self, so they can develop their own personal PowerPoint presentation.

Group Size: Whole class

Time Allotment: 45 minutes (one class period)

Learning Objectives:

Students will learn four essential functions/terms for designing their PowerPoint presentations.

Students will become familiar with hands-on experience of the four functions/terms and where they are located.

Students will be tested on their knowledge on the topic of PowerPoint.

Guiding Question:

Are you ready to start exploring PowerPoint?


A computer for each student with PowerPoint software

A teacher's computer connected to a projector

Projector screen

Vocabulary List (can be found in teacher resources)

Vocabulary List with Pictures (can be found in teacher resources)

(Optional) Software that allows the teacher to manipulate student computers from the teacher's station and point out things


  1. Begin by asking students the Guiding Question: Are you ready to start exploring PowerPoint?
  2. (Optional) Ask students if they remember a word/term they learned yesterday. If so have the student share the word/term, where to find it, and its function.
  3. Students need to be sitting in front of an individual computer
  4. Students need to take notes about the four different terms, where to find them, and there function
  5. Begin walking students through the four different terms and/or vocabulary words. You need to discuss each term, its' function, and where it's located
  6. Have students find it on their own computer workstation (monitor carefully)
  7. Allow students to experiment with the funtion/term a little before introducing the next function/term
  8. Give students the quiz

Informally assess students as you observe and walk around the classroom. Formally assess students by their notes and their multiple choice quiz.

Below is the link for the quiz:


Answer Key or Rubric:

You are checking for understanding as well as completeness and funtionality of each student's notes.

Below is the link for the quiz's answers:


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