Introduction: Prior to beginning the lesson: (1) Photocopy Native American Assessment (1 per student)


Group Size: Whole Class


Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:

·          Explain key concepts about magnets.


Materials: Native American Assessment (see attachment), KWL Chart (from Lesson #1)



1.       Tell students: Today, we are going to think about all that we have learned about Native Americans.

2.       Distribute KWL Chart (from Lesson #1). Tell students: Look over your chart and think about the middle column, what you wanted to learn. Did you learn what you wanted to about Native Americans? Give students a chance to answer.

3.       Call on students for ideas to fill in the last column “What I Learned.”

4.       Distribute Native American Assessment and give students time to complete the final evaluation.


Modifications: For students with special needs, student can dictate answers for teacher to write as necessary.


Assessment: Native American Assessment (see attachment)


Benchmark or Standards:

I. Culture and Cultural Diversity

a. Explore and describe similarities and differences in the in the ways groups, societies, and cultures address similar human needs and concerns.

d. Compare ways in which people from cultures think about and deal with their physical environment and social conditions.

III. People Places and Environments

        a. Construct and use mental maps of locales, regions, and the world that demonstrate

        understanding of relative location, direction, size, and shape.

        b. Interpret, use, and distinguish various representations of the earth, such as maps, globes,

        and photographs.

        h. Examine the interaction of human beings and their physical environment, the use of land,

        building of cities, and ecosystem changes in selected locales and regions.

V. Individuals, Groups, and Identities

        a. Identify roles as learned behavior patterns in group situations such as student, family

        member, peer play group member, or club member

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