Prior to beginning the lesson: (1) Cut out and laminate Vocabulary Cards for display in the classroom; (2) Photocopy KWL Chart (1 per student); (3) Cut out and laminate No Magnet Sign for display in the classroom; (4) Draw a copy on KWL Chart onto chart paper. (Allow 20-25 minutes for instruction time.)

Group Size: Whole class

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Identify uses for magnets in their everyday lives.
  • Think about what they already know about magnets.
  • Think about what they want to learn about magnets.

Vocabulary Cards (see attachment), KWL Chart (see attachment), No Magnet Sign (see attachment), chart paper, markers, magnets, scissors, paper clip, nail


  1. Use magnets to display the large KWL Chart in the front of the classroom. Hide a few magnets behind the chart, and hang scissors, a nail, and a paper clip to the front of the chart from the hidden magnets.
  2. Ask students: What is wrong with this poster? Give the class a few minutes to discuss in small groups. Then call on volunteers to answer the question. Call a student to the front of the room to show the class the hidden magnets.
  3. Display Vocabulary Card "magnet". Ask students: Who can tell me what a magnet is? Give students a chance to answer. Make sure they understand a magnet is a piece of iron or steel that attracts other metals.
  4. Distribute KWL Chart. Ask students: What do you already know about magnets? Write down three or four answers on the chart and give students time to copy down the answers.
  5. Ask students: What do you want to know about magnets? Write down three or four answers on the chart and give students time to copy down the answers.
  6. Collect KWL Charts for use at the end of the unit.
  7. Tell students: We will be learning all about magnets for the next few weeks. Before we can begin to use magnets, we need to know how to use them safely. There are some things that magnets cannot touch. Does anybody know what those things are? Call on students for ideas, and have students place a No Magnet Sign on these items in the classroom (computers, televisions, DVD players, etc).

Have students turn to a partner and tell them one thing they learned about magnets today.

Benchmark or Standards:

National Science Education Standard K-4.2 Physical Science– As a result of the activities in Grades K-4, all students should develop an understanding of:

  • Properties of objects and materials.
  • Light, heat, electricity, and magnetism.
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