The Framers of the Constitution had a rich intellectual foundation and long practical experience with representative legislatures to draw from as they framed the new Constitution and founded a new nation. The Framers at the Constitutional Convention debated the principles of republican government, federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances throughout the summer of 1787. They unanimously agreed that the government would be republican, or representative of the sovereign people, who gave their consent to form a government to protect their natural rights.
Lesson plan PDF includes all handouts:
Handout A: Background Essay—A Legacy of Republicanism
Handout B: Nametags
Handout C: Dates Signs
Handout D: Role Play—The Significance of Representation
Handout E: Anti-Federalist Objections to the Constitution
Answer Key
Introductory Essay Founding Principles, Virtues, and Glossary
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