Using the National Science Education Standards as their benchmark, the Learning Science organization has developed this site to bring hundreds of science-based learning tools to the general public. The LearningScience organization is a collaborative project created by individuals at the College of Education at Temple University, George Mehler, and teachers at the Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania. Visitors to the site will notice that the materials are divided into seven primary sections, including "Physical Science", "Life Science", and "Science & Society". Within each section, visitors can browse through the teaching resources, which include interactive web-based lessons, pedagogical tools, and links to external resources created by organizations such as PBS and Rice University. One section is worth singling out for special attention: "Tools to Do Science". Here visitors will find printable rulers, a printable protractor, a stop watch, and printable graph paper. Finally, visitors can search the entire site via a convenient search engine and also send along their own comments.

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