If you’re a teacher looking for top quality teaching materials Curriki is the place to go be. Made up of a global community that is brimming with diversity and ideas; collaborate and communicate with your peers to get hold of, and help make, the best teaching and learning materials available anywhere. We need new attitudes and ways of teaching for the world that is developing in front of our eyes. The old ways are gone. Embrace the new.

Resources for everyone interested in education

There are curated resources from thousands of vetted instructors and teachers. These recourses are useful to students, educators and parents. Innovative design interfaces make searches efficient and curating whole collections possible.

The types of resources available

Standard-confirming resources take out some of the leg work of planning. With topics available covering statistics, maths, English, history and more in a range of learning ages and stages. Taking advantage of the booming taste for design and interactivity- see creativity and fun, print out inkjet media with the confidence of knowing the resources are going to engage and inspire.

Bring the world to the classroom

Introducing children to high quality technology and high tech teaching media is a way to advance teaching. Understanding what is possible and opening up the mind is essential when setting out into the highly commercialized world of today. Children are bombarded with information intended to manipulate their emotions and desires, so education has to adapt to the shiny technologies and toys, and help them fit squarely into what the world is becoming and will become.

Logic and reasoning

Learning logical thinking skills can set children up for a fulfilling life in engineering and design, and many other sectors; they are essential skills in the evolving UK workplace. There is a golden age of technology that will grow if we invest wisely in our children’s futures. Use resources wisely and the medium can help transfer the message.

Language skills in an ever-more connected world

Being able to speak the world’s business language (English) is a privilege, but we should not be too insular; learning another language offers insights and opportunities for relationships that you cannot achieve without being able to fully immerse yourself in a countries language and culture. We need a dramatic shift in perspective on languages for the healthy development and attitude to the rest of the world. Attitudes to the global village in which we live can be fostered in numerous ways, including deliberate prompts and environmental stimuli. For example, classroom posters are useful in encouraging incremental learning and attitude change. How many of the UK population are going to be speaking Mandarin in 2020? How are we going to do effective business with China?

New demands call for more connected thinking about teaching and learning. Let’s forge forward together in a spirit of unity, embracing new ways of doing things and making learning more appropriate for the world stage in which we live.

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