Learning Activity: Writing Portfolio


•Manila Folder

•Writing Materials


Students will design a writing portfolio to include writing samples from the learning activities, review lessons, and journal assignments. Inform the students that the writing portfolio will contain a table of contents, and a reflective, personal expressive, literary, and trans-active writing sample. Explain to the student the meaning of each type of writing sample.

•Reflective Writing discusses the growth of a student as it relates to past experiences and lessons learned. It encompasses three main forms of reflection; reaction, relevance, and responsibility.

Examples of Reflection Questions


How has what you've learned made you feel? What are the emotions involved in the learning process?


How are the lessons that you've learned meaningful or significant? Do you define a “healthy lifestyle” differently now? How has your point of view changed concerning nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco use?


How will you use the knowledge that you've learned in your everyday life? How have your knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors changed and how will you convey this change personally? How will you impact the community with the new knowledge you've learned?

•Personal Expressive Writing focuses on a personal narrative that is realistic or imaginative. It usually centers on a specific time or specific event in a person’s life.

•Literary Writing includes short stories, poems, and script.

•Trans-active Writing involves persuading or convincing an audience in a real world situation.


  1. Ask students to select writing samples that they would like to include in their writing portfolio. Students should only select their very best writing samples to include in their writing portfolio.

  1. Have students revise and self-edit the selected writing pieces. Then, the writing samples should be peer-reviewed. Provide dictionaries and thesauruses for students to use in the editing and revision process.
  2. After students have selected and edited their preferred writing samples, ask each student to create a table of contents that identifies the title of the writing piece and the type of writing sample.

  1. Have the students insert all of the materials into the manila folder and have each student label the manila folder with their name, date, and grade.

  1. After the students have completed the exercise, have each student discuss the contents of their portfolio.

•Why did you choose the four samples?

•What are four things that you have learned from reviewing the lessons?

•What is the most important thing that you have learned from the Road of Life lessons?

• How have you changed your habits or behaviors since beginning the lessons?

•How will you encourage others to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

  1. Have the students design the cover of the manila folder. The design should encompass the purpose of the portfolio. In other words, the portfolio cover design should show the topics covered in the writings (nutrition, physical activity, tobacco prevention, general health) and how what they’ve learned will affect their lives.

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