Explanation of Activity:

This game looks at various myths about health and helps the students clarify their definition of health.


  1. Have all the students stand in the middle of the center of the gym/classroom, moving all tables out of the way if necessary. On one side of the room, hang a sign that states “TRUE” on the wall. On the opposite side of the room, hang a sign that states “FALSE” on the wall.
  2. Read the students a statement about health from the list provided. They will decide whether they think the statement is true or false. They will have to quickly line up in front of the correct sign.
  3. Read the correct answer and give the reasoning behind the answer.
  4. Students will return to the center of the room and repeat the process for each question.

Questions for “Is that Health?”:

1. Being healthy just means not being sick.

FALSE! There are many areas of health. Just because you do not have a cold or the flu or some other illness, does not necessarily mean you are totally healthy.

2. You have to be thin to be healthy.

FALSE! Health is about much more than just weight. Some very healthy people are not thin and some thin people are not very healthy. What matters is what you eat and how much physical activity you get.

3. The only way to get a good workout and be physically active is by playing

sports or doing exercises.

FALSE! You do not have to play sports or do exercises to be physically active

and improve your health. You can also do everyday things in order to be

physically active. For example, doing your chores or playing with your friends


4. You have to be good at sports to be healthy.

FALSE! You do not have to be an athlete or even like sports to be healthy.

5. What you drink affects your health.

TRUE! What you drink is just as important as what you eat.

6. If you want to be healthy, you never eat “junk foods” or snacks.

FALSE! Foods with minimal nutritional value, often referred to as junk food, should be in eaten in moderation. The important thing is that you make sure you eat foods that have many nutrients the majority of the time and that you are physically active.

7. You need a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment to get the best workout.

FALSE! You do not need anything except your body to get the best workout! If you prefer to use equipment, you can use everyday household items instead of buying expensive equipment.

8. It is easier to develop healthy habits now as a kid rather than as an adult.

TRUE! It is much easier to start healthy habits when you are young than to try to

break unhealthy habits when you are older.

9. Being healthy will help you reach your goals.

TRUE! Any goal that you have is easier to achieve when you are healthy. For example, when you are healthy, it is easier to get good grades, go to college, get better at sports, play an instrument well, become an artist and make more friends. When you are healthy, you can achieve your dreams. The sky is the limit!

10. You can always tell by looking at someone whether or not they are healthy.

FALSE! You can’t tell by looking at someone whether or not they are healthy. (Don’t judge a book by its cover!) Health is usually something going on inside our bodies and is not visible.

11. Everyone can improve their health.

TRUE! Everyone can dramatically improve their health by making healthier choices, such as eating from the five food groups, getting plenty of physical activity and not using tobacco products.

12. If other people do something, you should too.

FALSE! You should think about what other people are doing and decide for yourself if it is healthy or not. Not everyone makes good decisions.

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